Wendels True Foods


All our baked goods are 100% certified gluten free and always delicious.


Gluten-free CAKES

Handcrafted with real ingredients and a variety of flavours, our gluten free cakes and cheesecakes are perfect for any occasion.


gluten-free Cookies

Always gluten free and with plant based options our cookies are delicious and made for everyone.

dessert bars
Dessert Bars

gluten-free Dessert Bars

Family sized and in single serving, our dessert bars are a must for any home.

Pies & Shells

gluten-free Pies & Shells

Light pastry with handmade fruit fillings, pies that make everyone happy. Our ready to bake pie shells and tarts are waiting for your creations.


gluten-free Muffins

Ready to eat gluten free muffins, perfect anytime of the day.

Wendel’s True Foods creates delicious gluten free desserts made from the highest quality wholesome ingredients. Our gluten free products are sold at grocery and retail stores across Canada and the Pacific Northwest USA.