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About wendel's true foods.

Since 1997, we have handcrafted baked goods and comfort food in our restaurant and bookstore, Wendel’s Bookstore & Café, located in historic Fort Langley, B.C. When our customers wanted gluten free desserts, we said yes! Starting with our family recipes as a base and using gluten free flours and ingredients, we created delicious gluten free products. Not hard to do when you have amazing bakers, start with great family recipes and then only use the highest quality, wholesome and simple ingredients.

Our customers loved our sweets and, over the years, the demand for our fresh baked gluten free products grew bigger than our tiny bakery in our cafe could bare, so we moved our gluten free baking just down the road to our own dedicated gluten free bakery. We now bake gluten free products for Wendel’s Bookstore & Café, as well as for many more restaurants and retail stores. You’ll find our gluten-free products in fine stores across Canada and in the Pacific Northwest, USA.

Wendel’s Bookstore & Café is still serving our customers fresh food and great organic coffee along with our wholesome sweets. Come visit us in the beautiful and historic village of Fort Langley, BC.

Why Gluten Free?

One day a small boy was crying in front of our pastry case in our cafe and an upset mother tried to comfort him. My mother, Erika, who was our baker, happened to hear the conversation and started talking with the woman. The little boy was crying because he could not have a cookie. The woman explained that her son could not eat anything in our pastry case because of a gluten allergy. Well, that left my mother speechless, which is very hard to do. A little boy not allowed to eat a cookie in our café was not right; this wouldn’t be the situation for long. She set out to make a cookie from the ingredients she could use and didn’t stop trying till she came up with a cookie that tasted great, just like all our other cookies. Turns out the cookie was really good. We didn’t know then that much of the gluten free products available at the time didn’t taste like baked goods made with gluten. We only had our standard of great tasting, pure ingredient baking as the benchmark to go by and that is the benchmark we still use today.

I like to think that little boy came back and got to have a cookie. I do know lots of others just like him now enjoy our gluten free products.
– Diane Morrison
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