Wendels True Foods

Our Gluten-Free Bakery is Dedicated to providing Baking Goods your family can trust.

We understand the importance of our baked goods being products you can trust. 

All our products are gluten free and made in our 100% dedicated Gluten Free Certified bakery. We incorporate strict key standards and hold regulated food safety certifications to ensure allergen cross-contamination does not occur, as well as creating high-quality, great tasting products.

Ingredient Integrity

We only buy quality ingredients from carefully selected producers which are able to provide allergen information about their ingredients and have a food safety program in place. By approving our suppliers, we are eliminating the chance for allergen contact before we use ingredients. We also test ingredients and our finished products for allergens.

Stringent Food Safety Guidelines

We believe in being truly accountable and that a third-party certification process is essential. Wendel’s True Foods is certified by the Gluten Free Certification Organization (GFCO) as well as Safe Quality Foods (SQF). Both conduct third-party audits of our facility and our documentation, as well as conduct product testing to ensure we adhere to the strict requirements of Canadian and international gluten free and food safety certification standards.

Go ahead. Tempt your tastebuds.