When we use an ingredient in our baking we carefully select whole foods from producers that can provide us with details on how they grow and handle each item. Every ingredient we use has a detailed allergen statement directly from the producer – we will not use ingredients that have been opened and repacked in an environment that could affect the integrity of the original product. This is extremely important to avoid allergen cross contamination. We always chose organic ingredients (non GMO) when available, sometimes we choose a natural ingredient over organic to insure there is no allergen cross contamination. Here are some key ingredients we use in our baking.

Agar Agar
Agar Agar is a natural vegan, GMO free gelatin stemming from the cell walls of South East Asian red seaweed. Agar Agar has been used for hundreds of years to make gelatin desserts in Asian cultures. It is sometimes also referred to as “kanten” (the Japanese term). Agar is a good source of calcium and iron, and is very high in fiber. It contains no sugar, no fat and no carbohydrates.

We use natural and organic almonds, baked with no added salt and ground to smooth butter.

Organic Crystallized Ginger
Crystallized ginger is made from organic ginger root that has been dried and chopped into small pieces. After the ginger root is hardened, it is preserved using an organic sugar coating.

Organic Carrots
Simple, whole, sweet organic carrots.

Brown Rice Syrup
This amber colored, lightly sweet smooth syrup is made from brown rice (white rice that still has the bran intact) and is about half as sweet as sugar.

Organic Palm Fruit Oil
Extracted from the pulp of the fruit (not the kernel!) of the palm tree by cold expeller press without the use of solvents or other chemical substances, this organic palm fat is lower in saturated fat then butter, vegan, rich in natural antioxidants and is farmed with stainable farming practices. Free of trans fats and cholesterol, this is not to be confused with hydrolyzed palm and palm kernel oil.

Chia Seeds
Salvia hispanica, commonly known as chia, is a species of flowering plant in the mint family. Cultivated and consumed by the Aztecs and their ancestors for millennia, chia’s origins can be traced back to Mexico’s central valley. Chia seeds are naturally gluten free are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and fiber.

Organic and Natural Chocolate
We use the highest quality chocolate, with clean simple ingredients –you will not find artificial flavouring or added fillers.

Organic Coconut
Naturally rich in coconut fat, fiber and flavour we use organic coconut that does not contain added sugars, enhancers, extenders, sulfites or preservatives – just pure coconut.

Organic Brown Rice Flour
Made with the whole rice kernel, brown rice flour is high in fiber, B vitamins and minerals and has a slightly nutty taste. Regular consumption of brown rice flour is linked to improved digestion.

Organic Vanilla
Pure vanilla extracts contain only vanilla bean extractives, alcohol and water — no sweetening agents or artificial flavours.

Soy Flour
Made from roasted soybeans ground to a fine powder, soy flour is rich in high quality proteins and fiber.

Organic Pecans
Simple roasted, unsalted organic pecans.

Organic Cane Sugar
We use organic cane sugars as our primary sweetener. We choose high quality brown sugars that have a moist rich flavour.

Sea Salt
Pure Sea salt produced through the evaporation of sea water.